catching up on recent explorations, now that february’s here and we can perhaps relax a bit

For many regular readers of the blog, the Christmas Break and/or the first weeks of school might be a time when blog-reading becomes a little sporadic. So I wanted to use today’s post to point you to some of the bloggin’ you might have missed – especially the posts that have been most popular and most-commented-on in the couple of months.

And if you’re new to Exploring College Ministry, it’s a great chance to catch up on some of the recent “explorations”!

being the best college ministers we can be

serving our students in new ways

two big series!

an outsider’s view on specific campus ministries

I’ve had some neat chances to encounter a few major college ministries in BIG ways recently, leading to a few posts presenting an “educated outsider’s perspective” on these national groups. And those posts have received some great comments, too!

  • After visiting the Urbana conference, I examined how the conference reflects its “parent,” InterVarsity (and if you’re interested, I also noted the crazy way I ended up at Urbana in the first place)
  • I observed the relationship between a local Campus Crusade Winter Conference and its national org
  • After seven focused weeks exploring Chi Alpha ministries, I discussed some distinctives of that national group

Plus, I posted some thoughts on recognizing the variations within organizations (as exemplified by one particular group of United Methodist college ministers).

and finally, if you missed it, I posted a very merry, T-shirt-filled Christmas card to you!

Anything I’m leaving out?


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