a couple of conferences & college ministry connections

A quick update on two things that might interest you. If you’re going to be at either of them, let’s hang out!

Verge Conference – this week in Austin

How I’m ending up at the Verge Conference, which discusses the “missional communities” model for churches, is a long story. But I will indeed be there – which means I’ll be in Austin from this Wednesday through Saturday. If you’re down there and have the chance to connect, let me know and we’ll see if we can work it out! Or if you know somebody I should connect with, let me know!

And if you’re a college minister attending Verge, they’re working on some sort of informal hang-out for Friday night. They don’t have details yet, but if you contact me, I can keep you posted (or maybe they’ll announce it or something).

And if you don’t make it, I will be tweeting (and probably blogging) my thoughts – and not only “general” thoughts, but, more importantly, what I learn for our particular field. Hopefully others will be doing the same.

Jubilee Conference – starting February 19th in Pittsburgh, PA

This is probably the best-respected college ministry conference out there. While I haven’t gotten the chance to attend, I am this year (and even get to speak a little bit). There are an enormous number of speakers, all focusing ministers and their students on living out their faith in ALL spheres of life.

I know that’s only a few weeks away. But there might be some college ministers who could check this conference out, so you know whether it might fit your ministry in the future. Or if you’re in the Northeast somewhere, maybe it’s an option. Again, Jubilee, the annual conference organized by the Coalition for Christian Outreach, is well-spoken of by many.

For more, check out the Jubilee site!

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