weekly review, nearly february already? edition

Between last week’s special Spring Ideas series and lots of college ministers getting their semesters underway, there was no weekly review last week. So this week is extra-full of some great collegiate ministry discussions from around the web. Enjoy!

Greek ministry and other collegiate niches: Justin Wallace prompted some great discussion by simply asking about ministry to fraternities, sororities, and other niches. Then Rick Harper (director of one of the largest campus ministries in America, CCF at Georgia Tech) follows up with his own experiences among Greek students.

five myths of service work: A really important discussion has taken place at Relevant this week, with wisdom for making sure our help really helps – in Haiti and otherwise. I highly encourage you to read the post, read the comments, consider sharing it with your students, and add any wisdom you have from your unique position as a college minister!

loving the students before us: UNC RUF Campus Pastor Daniel Mason posts some great words at the RUF Blog about remembering we’re ministering to individuals.

beware your own authority: Brian Virtue, national staff with the Epic Asian-American campus ministry, rightly warns us against abusing our authority – it happens more easily in college ministry than in most places!

on college professors: A few sites examine recent studies about the ratio of liberals to conservatives in higher academia (and surprising reasons this might be the case): Scot McKnight at JesusCreed, Micheal Hickerson at The Emerging Scholars Blog, and Chuck Bomar at his blog.

the spiritual devotion of the ladies in your ministry: Potentially helpful for your college small groups / small group leaders: Sarah Arthur describes the temptations that stand in the way of ladies’ community and devotion, written in the style of The Screwtape Letters.

on evangelism: Tim Keller offers an interesting new site for evangelistic purposes: www.questiongod.info (HT: Keith Davy, among others). Brian Barela, as always, offers a bold take on what modern campus evangelism should look like – and as often, raises a whole lot of interesting discussion.

hosting a college ministry Super Bowl party?: Kent Shaffer lists the rules. (Keeping it legal = holiness, remember!)

books for you or your students: Christianity Today posts their Best Books of 2009. Friend of college ministry Byron Borger posts his Book of the Decade (which directly connects to our field) and a few others he’s haunted by. Northwest Missouri State campus minister Brandon Smith is apparently buying lots of copies of one particular book for his student leaders. And the CPYU lists all its past interviews, with authors of books largely connected to our field (including an interview with me! – here’s part 1 & part 2 of that interview).

and if you’re hoping to write something yourself: Have you thought about publishing something for our field? Nick Melazzo offers some helpful thoughts on the present situation – and why new media may be a great option for us college ministers.

finally, various suggestions on evaluating your college ministry efforts


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