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Yesterday, I urged considering a method that I’m not sure is “standard fare” within college ministries: reviewing our students on the truths we really want them to remember.

Like all the methods I bring up, I know this won’t be for every ministry out there. But I also encourage you not to reject it out-of-hand, without giving serious consideration to including a little “rehash, reiteration, review” into the next week or two. So in that vein, some encouragement and some suggestions. And if you’ve got other encouragement OR suggestions, please let us know!

bold thoughts to ponder (because it’s too easy to ignore this idea)

1. Which is better for your ministry: To effectively help students remember and apply old content, or to teach more new content?

2. The assumption that a “review” will bore students is tied into the assumption that they’re going to remember a whole lot of last semester’s content. But it won’t be so boring if they already don’t remember it! Plus, if you do it well, and/or put a new spin on old content, I bet students particularly enjoy covering old ground. Familiarity is quite attractive, as is the opportunity to feel smart. Reviews provide both.

3. Putting together an occasional review might save you an awful lot of prep-time (vs. coming up with a new talk)…

4. If you’re not convinced, why don’t you conduct a survey on what your students remembered and applied from last week? (Let alone last semester!)

how could you rehash, reiterate, review?

  • Clear a week and spend the session reviewing last semester
  • Write up some rehash-ment for your small groups to discuss
  • Reiterate former teaching through emails or blog posts
  • Offer a review-cast for students to listen to / watch
  • Have students respond (in writing, art, music, or whatever) to each message, and post those around the room or review them on occasion

With any of these options, you could include snippets of your actual past content.

And with any of these options, you could do it once a semester, once a month, or more.

Do you have any other ideas, ways you’ve seen this done, or reasons this is important?


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