rehash, reiterate, review: what college ministries don’t do?

Hat tip to my dad on this one.

I was wondering aloud about blog topics, and he started comparing the spring semester faced by college ministers with the spring semester in his world of high school administration. One key difference, interestingly enough, is how we spend those first couple of weeks of a semester.

We college ministers tend to spend the first weeks of any semester exerting a good portion of our energy (and resources), because those are foundational days. Schoolteachers, on the other hand, will often spend the first weeks reviewing their students on past info; teachers’ “big push” happens later, before Finals or other tests. “Rehash, reiterate, review” is the way my dad put it: That’s how teachers across the land spend the first classes of a semester.

We aren’t academic educators and don’t really do “tests” and Final Exams. But there might be something there we could consider, even as we labor valiantly and take new ground in these very valuable weeks. What if we worked “rehash, reiterate, review” in as a regular component of college ministry, too?

It’s a little scary to guess how much content our students would remember from last semester or even last week. Can they remember those awesome messages you gave, the content from their small groups, or other things they learned through conferences, retreats, discipleship sessions? Yikes. I don’t know. And you probably don’t, either. Which is why that’s a scary question.

But here’s one thing we do know: There’s a really great chance they’ll remember any of that a lot better if we take some time to rehash, reiterate, review.

See some bold thoughts and methods for doing this in this post.

have you done this, seen this done, or realized ways it could be done?


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  1. Logan

    For our college ministry, we always have an all-leader gathering to start the semester. This semester we changed up the format. Instead of them listening to us recap the vision again, we spent 10 minutes talking about Jesus and loving Jesus first before doing ministry for Him.

    Then we had 4 brainstorming breakout areas.
    1) Gospel – articulate the gospel and what are ways to get your students to know, apply, and share the gospel.
    2) Community – what are ways to develop an Acts 2 community, barriers, reasons for those barriers and solutions to those issues.
    3) Mission – how does your group define or view mission? what are ways to encourage students to live, and serve missionally? ways to teach/encourage evangelism?
    4) College Ministry Dream Session – asking our students, what are we lacking? what do you wish we could do as a ministry.

    It was great to hear their perspectives and and their understanding of what we’ve been trying to drill into them for a semester. Our hope was that they would begin to think innovatively as leaders of how their group can do things uniquely to accomplish those goals.

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