spring (fr)idea: ministry in last things

All week, I’ve been posting some quick ideas that are especially applicable during this second half of the ol’ school year. Of course, nearly every week I post a College Ministry Fridea – usually a kooky little idea that might just springboard your campus ministry to greater creativity or success! (In fact, you can see all the Frideas so far if you’d like.)

But as I continue with this week’s theme of spring-specific ideas, here’s this week’s very spring-y (and very speedy) Fridea:

Minister at graduation.

Why do college ministries often stand aloof from this incredibly important event in the life of their campus tribe? Everybody’s graduation season and festivities work differently, so it’s up to you to figure out how this might work!

But here are some themes, audiences, and other graduation-related aspects that might be worth thinking about as you brainstorm this one…

  • service to the crowds
  • parents
  • helping the school achieve its goals
  • professors after a long spring of teaching
  • concessions
  • fundraising
  • senior send-off
  • helps for making the transition to the real world
  • serving those in your ministry or outside
  • a booth
  • teasers for the upcoming year
  • teaching about celebration
  • celebrating

If you’ve got other ideas, or if you end up doing something cool, will you let me know?


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