spring idea: embodied collaboration

Not nearly all of us are fortunate enough to be able to hire interns or additional staff, but I encourage you to read this post anyway. The principle of Embodied Collaboration can very likely be carried out in other ways – especially through volunteers who may have long ago been involved in college ministry – and, who knows? You might have the opportunity to hire – or be hired – soon enough.

Today, I’m going to include a recent Facebook message I got, and my response [both edited a bit]. It’s something to think about as you head into the spring.

the question

we are about to graduate 2 interns and are looking to replace them. sadly this year’s class is moving on to jobs in churches and grad school (among other things), so we are not gonna have the usual to pick from. just wanted to see if you had any connections or thoughts on ways to search for interns. we typically pick from in-house but can’t this year. just wondering if you knew of any sites or message boards or mailing lists, etc., or if you heard any clever ideas that have worked well before. we are looking for 2 girls in particular. thanks for your help.

my response

This may sound crazy, but I think you could be forced into a really GREAT situation. I’m personally a big proponent of cross-ministry internships.

Of course, there can be some trickiness about getting people to come, but God is good about providing. And students are particularly open to post-grad adventures these days.

I would try to work through your particular organization – or, depending on what theological and methodological commitments you want your interns to have, you can cast a wider net. Especially look at those ministries that are really strong – for the reasons I’ll discuss below, but also because they’re most likely to have strong leaders AND leaders-to-spare.

The main reason I get excited about this is because it’s automatic collaboration of a really deep kind. [You might call it Embodied Collaboration.] You’re importing someone who has been thoroughly trained in some really good methods – but they’re methods that will differ from your own. You’ll learn from them, but they’ll also learn from you; if they go on to be a college minister, they will be FAR better off because they have seen not one but two strong ministries in action.


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  1. the struggle is communicating within the different campus ministry circles. having a hard time finding a way to “advertise” through them. any ideas out there.. or any body know any female students interested in interning for a year

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