spring idea: quality control

For many of you, yesterday was your first day of the Spring Semester. I hope it was awesome for you and your students!

I’ve devoted this week to quick ideas specific for the second half of the school year. Whether you’re involved in college ministry on a campus, through a church, or at a Christian college, I hope these are helpful to ponder implementing during the coming weeks.

(I’m categorizing these with the “Frideas,” so that means you can see them all here.)

Today’s spring idea: Take the time to run “quality control” on your vital programs.

This will not be something you undertake this week or next – but the point of all these Spring Ideas is to relate ideas for the upcoming months. And the Spring Semester or Winter / Spring Quarters could be the perfect time for a little Quality Control initiative.

Basically, this involves methodically evaluating whether key programs are actually

  • accomplishing what they’re meant to accomplish
  • running at the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness
  • still needed

(I really didn’t plan on including that last – painful – one, but it’s always worth considering!)

Whether we’re talking about college ministries or other institutions (like churches), I believe Quality Control is one of the things we really don’t do enough. No method in-and-of-itself is worthy of our resources, time, attention, and energy! So no method should be allowed “tenure,” without aggressively evaluating it and improving it when needed.

Spring is a great time to run some Quality Control – we might have a little additional time, plus adjustments might be able to wait ’til the new school year. Even if you just take 3-5 key programs this spring and examine them like an outsider would, I bet you’d be able to take some major steps forward.

How sure are you that your student leaders are reproducing Jesus-followers well? When’s the last time you trained your greeters? Is your intramurals ministry still accomplishing its original purposes (or great new ones)? Is your web site’s design as helpful to your ministry as it was 3 years ago? Does that weekly lunch you serve still make sense? When is the last time you actually sat in on some of your small groups? Would you run the entirety of your large group meeting the exact same way if you started from scratch?

These are example questions, to mix and match as needed. But here’s the key Q:

Are the purposes on paper for your various activities still, in actuality, being accomplished – and excellently?

(And if I can help you evaluate, let’s talk.)


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