a week of spring college ministry ideas

It’s interesting to note here on the blog how my hit count changes in response to the college ministry calendar. Immediately following the second-best week ever, activity this past week – and especially the last two days of this holiday weekend – has been notably smaller.

But I’m not complaining! In fact, I really want to try to match up what I write with our “seasons” as best I can. So in light of that, I’m aiming this week for something I figure could be helpful: A WEEK OF IDEAS, especially designed for your consideration this spring.

(I do realize that some of you are already approaching the middle of your Winter Quarter, but I still think these will be interesting for you to ponder – for incorporation now or in the Spring Quarter that’s a’coming.)

If you’ve got helpful ideas for the spring semester, let me know! I might be able to include them this week.

Since I’ve already written plenty today (I’m going to try to keep this week’s posts short, too), I’ll instead point you to some past ideas that might be worth reading or sharing with your team as you approach the Spring.

And I really would love to hear any Spring college ministry ideas I can share with others!

[I’m including this week of spring-specific posts under the “Frideas” category, so you can see all of ’em.]

some former ideas that fit the spring

Have fun!


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