on the art of brainstorming

My friends over at the Heart of Campus Ministry blog invited me to guest-post this week. The topic? A great discussion for this point on the college ministry calendar: “the art of brainstorming.” Happily, my post is just one of several in the series!

In my submission to the series, I highlighted a brainstorming method I’ve found to come in really handy. And while that method is something I’ve discussed here before, I wrote this post from scratch. So even if you’re familiar with the idea, maybe this will provide a fresh take. (I’ve linked to more on this topic at the very bottom of this post.)

The beginning of the post is below, or click here to see the entire post.

The Art of Brainstorming, Part 2

Many of us are not extremely creative in the ex nihilo sense; we aren’t naturally suited to developing ideas “out of nothing.” While there may be gifted people who, on a regular basis, can start from a mental blank slate and imagine something unique, most of us (including me!) don’t have that gift.

Since few of us fit the ultra-creative mold, we may end up frustrated by our brainstorming sessions because we can’t come up with something “truly original.” But I believe it’s possible for all of us to experience productive, powerful results from brainstorming – by brainstorming methodically…

To read more about this methodical approach, continue reading the post!

After you take a look, to see more on this brainstorming method (with further examples of using it), click here.

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