the 5-week upgrade

I recognize that this weekend is probably the first “downtime” many of us have had, as our semesters or quarters have come to an end. So I don’t mean to rain on that parade. Rest. Rest well.

But I encourage you even now to start praying (or keep praying) about how these next weeks could lead to an upgraded college ministry. For most of those working with semester-system schools, you’ve got four or five weeks; even those on the quarter system have a couple of weeks, I believe. How could your ministry (or you, as leader) be upgraded in that time?

I would guess that improvement between the fall and spring is one of the least-tapped opportunities within college ministry. And yet it’s probably a period which, for many of us, actually is the most “free” of any point during the year. Is there any way to take advantage of that, coming back in 2010 with the best college ministry you’ve ever led?

Yep. There are ways.


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