adopt-a-prof (a fridea)

Maybe it’s because I proudly wore my Rowan University long sleeved T yesterday, but I’ve got “Profs” on my mind. (Rowan’s mascot is – you guessed it – the Profs!) Bhis week’s Fridea probably needs little explanation, and you can see it there in the title of this post…

Organize an adopt-a-professor service initiative after the Winter Break.

Since most of us are entering some sort of multi-week break, I recognize that ’tis not the season for giving ideas-to-apply-immediately. But that means the next weeks’ Frideas can look a little further down the road, and possibly be a little grander, too – since you might be able to take some time to put them into practice.

As for this week’s Fridea, I think it would be fairly phenomenal for your ministry – or even multiple ministries on campus – to serve professors specifically over the course of an entire semester or quarter.

(Of course, I get excited about any kind of faculty-, staff-, or administration-service. This idea just takes the basic attempt up a notch – but if you need to start smaller, do that.)

I don’t know that this idea needs a lot of clarification, so no need to blabber on. If it’s worth applying, be sure to apply it in whatever ways best fit your purposes, your campus, and the professors. But I will throw out a few possibilities / thoughts that immediately come to mind, in hopes they might help as you brainstorm this one.

  • You could, as I said, do this with multiple ministries.
  • You don’t have to go “all or nothing” on this – it’s okay just to serve a handful of professors. (It might be good to have a reason for the ones you choose, I guess.)
  • Should you do it anonymously? Should you not?
  • Personal gifts or service is better, but anything nice is still nice.
  • Don’t forget that this doesn’t just serve profs; it teaches and trains students in some big ways.
  • There are a lot more people on campus or in town this could be adjusted to serve.


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