one model for defining campus ministry success

I hope you’ve gotten to follow the multi-blog, multi-viewpoint discussion of how we define college ministry success. Heart of Campus Ministry gave me the opportunity to chime in today at their blog, which has really driven the discussion with their series on the subject.

If you’re interested in all the various posts that have covered this discussion so far, all the links are included at the top of last weekend’s Wrap-up.

My post on this topic actually covers one of my own personal “soapbox issues,” so I really encourage you to take a look if you can. Honestly, this approach might be the most important methodological shift I could encourage college ministers to consider.

Here’s a “teaser” (Or click here to read the post in its entirety, and see comments):

In the past few years of conversations with 400+ college ministers, I regularly asked one particular question that is especially dear to my heart.

And very often – perhaps more than with any other question – the college minister across the table from me had no immediate answer.

I have deep respect for the campus missionaries who toil among the collegiate tribes. And in many corners, their work is bearing plentiful fruit! But fruit and success are not the same thing – at least not in the success-measurement model I present today. And though it’s just one helpful model among several others, this idea certainly transformed how I understand “college ministry success” – not only in the long-term view, but also when gauging the success of individual activities and day-in, day-out tasks.

So to return to the opening lines of this post, here is the simple question that has befuddled many a college minister… [KEEP READING]

I told you it was a teaser!

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