fridea-ing in the college ministry freeze

It has been extremely rare for me to hear about campus ministry activity during Winter Break, and I do realize that even suggesting some work during this precious upcoming season is treading on very sacred rest-and-refreshment ground. But while those are indeed noble purposes and may need to take high priority in the coming weeks, I might humbly suggest giving a little energy toward this week’s Fridea:

Minister to students somehow during the Winter Break.

Every group is different on this score – and we’re perhaps more different here than in many other areas. So for now, the Fridea stands as-is, vague and open-ended. But if you’ve done winter ministry, plan to do winter ministry, or have some neato ideas for winter ministry, I’d love to hear about it – please leave a comment or otherwise let me know!

I do recognize that plenty of church-based college ministries and collegiate churches participate in a level of “normal” work during this season. But even those groups see many students depart, which, I would argue, shouldn’t necessarily remove them from our care. And for the rest of us, I would encourage not only thinking about the students we’ve sent away… but also the students who remain in town, and others who come home for the Winter Break. (Yes, campus-based college ministries can impact “home-grown” students in winter and summer… they just usually don’t.)

Winter, like summer, has unique potential for students’ spiritual growth. What might we do, in-person or by phone or by email, repeatedly or one time, with purposes of disciplemaking or community-building or serving or ???, by ourselves or through student-led Winter Break ministry teams or with new, Winter-only volunteers (like parents)?

If those references aren’t enough to get the juices flowing in these freezing days, you might want to look through the summer Frideas… there are bound to be some parallels with our approaching unschoolful season.

Otherwise… are we okay with a month without shepherding, knowing full well that students might not be receiving specialized spiritual care in any other way? It makes me a little uneasy.

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