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As Road Trip 13 is drawing to a close, it seems to be getting even zanier! But while much of my time this weekend has involved driving through Upstate NY in the dark, the daytime has reminded me just how pretty it is up here!

I was really excited that this week’s post listing the college ministry blogs I read (Russ Martin helpfully posted some of these as a public feed), was much-visited and much-shared. As college ministers, we should all be learners – including learning from each other – and blogs are a great way to do that! If you know of other college ministry bloggers, check out that post, and then please let me know!

Now on to some of the fantastic college ministry discussions this week, which include Evangelism resources, college ministry history, new DVD teaching curricula, atheist college “ministries,” and more!

defining success in college ministry: Quite providentially, several college ministry thinkers have turned their attention simultaneously to the very important topic of how we define success in college ministry. (God is a gracious Synergist, isn’t He?) HeartOfCampusMinistry began a weekly series on the topic – with a post by the much-respected Dean Thune. (I’ll be posting in that series in a few weeks!) Aaron Klinefelter wrote a great (and interesting) post on an “ecological” understanding of college ministry success. I posted on why aiming for numbers isn’t (usually) a good college ministry priority. And Ian Clark is asking the same question about how we define success.

atheist campus groups (from ABC news): Yesterday, ABC News ran a story online titled, “Atheist Student Groups Flower on College Campuses.” Check it out here. (HT: Kirby Oaks)

dvd series for college ministries: Famous book guru Byron Borger turns his attention to two new DVD series, each of which might fit a need for large-group or small-group teaching next semester. One is from a group of major (and hip) Christian thinkers about compassion / social justice issues, and the other series is from Don Miller. (Of course, the Hearts & Minds Books blog is always good reading, to learn about… potential good reading.)

a short history of an interesting college ministry: The Austin Stone Community Church has one of the more interesting models of college ministry out there, and they’ve happily begun posting a short history of their transition to this model! (Have you considered doing this? Have you done this? Let me know!) Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here.

the weary life of a campus missionary: A cool, personal reflection from Alice Connor on what it means to be in the messy, difficult, awesome vocation called “College Ministry.”

evangelism resources for college ministry: Keith Davy lists several resources for evangelism among college students – specifically for discovering “where they are spiritually,” in fact.

service and evangelism: Why do Christians feel like they need to witness amidst their service? Glen Davis offers a helpful response to that question, in light of a recent mini-controversy that popped up on the Stanford campus. (He links to a Stanford Daily article on the issue, which involves Charles Darwin and evangelist Ray Comfort. And free books.)

attending a conference as a college minister: Not only did Nick Melazzo blog his thoughts on a conference he attended this week, but he blogged from the standpoint of a college minister. Hooray. As I’ve argued recently (like Nick noted in his intro post), college ministers should be good at viewing what we learn through the lens of our calling! (Hopefully Nick will be adding to this mini-series on the conference, so check for new entries…)

jimmy fallon meets the millennials (once more): This blog has actually had a pretty big week, too! Besides the aforementioned posts, I also was able to complete another entry in the Jimmy Fallon & Gen Y series, on Jimmy’s use of Eclecticism to reflect / reach Millennials!

written from the collegetown district next to Cornell University; posted from Camp of the Woods, Speculator, NY


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