pre-break recruiting (a fridea)

This week’s Fridea is a day late, yes. But it might also appear to be 2 full months early, since it’s about college ministry recruiting… and that’s something we do at the beginning of a Quarter or Semester, right?

BUT WAIT! There might be plenty of up-side to spending a little energy recruiting between T-giving and the Winter Break. And there are a few different things “recruiting” can mean.

Some college ministry recruiting opportunities for the coming weeks:

  1. Recruiting new students. Classic college ministry recruitment can take place on campus, via many of the same forms we usually use: postering, mailboxing, chalking, emails, passing out things on campus, etc. Instead of pointing to a specific event, just point students toward the opportunity to be involved in the group when they return to school.
  2. Recruiting present students to return. This may be even more of an important step. How often do we take for granted that students will plug right back in to our ministry – when we know that’s not necessarily the case? This sort of “recruiting” involves not only thanking students for taking part and saying how much you’d like them to return, but giving them details on dates, times, and anything else you can.
  3. Presenting the glories of campus ministry together. What if you and other college ministries in town joined forces to encourage students to think about involvement in the New Year (perhaps even as a New Year’s Resolution?). Placing that seed in students’ mind on this side of Christmas Break might just be something God uses in the crazy, lazy days at home.

Some of the better reasons it’s a cool time for recruiting:

  1. It focuses on becoming part of the group, rather than simply taking part in the group. Without an upcoming event to focus on, we get to highlight the community we’re offering in the upcoming semester.
  2. Some students are more likely to feel the need for spiritual involvement now, at the end of a long semester. If they consider involvement at this point, that impression could stick.
  3. It doubles their exposure to your college ministry (if you plan to recruit when they return).
  4. It increases word-of-mouth. Remember, this is the strategy “Glee” used before the Summer Break – and it worked! Present good reasons to be excited next semester, and you might just see the excitement spread over the next month or two.
  5. There’s more “room” for your group to make an impression. When students come back to school, your college ministry will be one of many student organizations competing simply for their invitations to be heard, let alone to be heeded!
  6. Who knows? It might serve as a spiritual anchor during the Holidays. God just might use the expectation of spiritual involvement to encourage students spiritually across the long Winter Break.
  7. You (might) have the time. I know the closing days of a semester – especially Finals Week – can often provide a little more time-elasticity. Recruiting might be a great way to use that time before you cross the finish line!

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written from Horseheads(!), NY


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