my big list of college ministry blogs (so far)

I wanted to leave an extra day to gather any ideas for doing eclectic college ministry in light of yesterday’s post. If you’ve got any ideas – even wild and crazy stuff – I’d love to hear ’em. And I should chime in tomorrow on how we might reflect the Millennial characteristic of eclecticism!

Meanwhile… Earlier this week, Dan Turis of the CCO asked for the list of college ministry theory blogs I read. So, since I’m a big fan of college ministry blogging, I figured I’d put the list on here.

Some important points:

  • I’m only including blogs that have updated this semester.
  • These blogs have a wide range of usefulness; sorry I can’t annotate too much at this point.
  • I will, however, asterisk the ones I have found MOST useful or am especially intrigued by right now.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by the size of the list – many of these are only rarely updated, and you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly what you want to keep up with.

I recognize that many college ministry blogs are written for their students and other constituents, with discussions of Scripture and updates. But we also need blogs that take a wider angle, describing either college ministry theory or methods. So if you know of more blogs of that kind, please let me know!

And to see some of the best online discussions in recent weeks, check out the weekly reviews!

[Even if some entries are cut short below, you can still click the links.]

Aaron Stern
Abbie Smith
Academic Faithfulness*
Adam Reynolds: Thoughts From Jesusland
Alice Connor: simul justus et peccator
Ashlee Alley: A Long Obedience…
Ben Coleman
Betsy Prosise: Affirmed Passion
Bill Victor: BillyVs Quickhits
Bill Westfall: Campus-Cultural Mission*
Bob Fuhs
Bob Hetzler: Bob’s Blog
Brandon Reed
Brandon Smith:*
Brian Barela: The Necessary Things*
Brian Beckstrom: Missio Dei – Following Jesus into the world
Byron Borger: Hearts & Minds Books*
Campus Crosswalk Web Journal*
Campus Renewal Ministries
Carson Conover: Sophisticated, Stimulating, and…Stuff
Chad Logan: Just Think
Chris Bean*
Chuck Bomar: College Ministry Thoughts
City Campus Ministry
College Union*
Curt Harlow
Dan Wilkinson: The University Frontier
Daniel Curran
Emerging Scholars Blog*
Glen and Paula Davis
Graham Helms: Update
Guy Chmieleski: faith on campus*
Heart of Campus Ministry (ACM)*
Heather Lodovico: if we ever leave a legacy…
Inter-School Christian Fellowship
Jason Yarnell: College Ministry OJT*
Joe Blanchard: CCF at NC State
Jonathan Weyer: The Thomas Society*
Keith Davy: CoJourner*
Ken Cochrum: On Leading Well
Matt McComas: Leadership, Technology, Innovation*
Michael Mears: More than listening
Mike Filicicchia: This is Church*
Mike Reading: a missional dramedy*
Nick Melazzo: symbiosis*
Reformed University Fellowship Articles
Reformed University Fellowship Blog
Reformed University Fellowship Sermons
Russ Martin:*
Ryan McReynolds: The McReynolds Story
Sammy Rhodes: Sammy’s posterous
Steve Lutz: the SENTinel*
Steve Rankin: Rankin File*
Tim Elmore’s Leadership Blog*
Tim Hudson: Shadowlander
Todd Engstrom: Ethereal Thought Train
Wes Woodell: West Coast Witness*


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  2. Excellent list Benson–I’ve found many a helpful college ministry thought on, and thru, your blog.

    Written from Mt. Nittany Medical Center. My new baby daughter Abigail is just a few feet away… :-)

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