weekly review, state college edition

When discussing true “college towns,” I appreciate having the SuperExamples with names like “College Station” (where I myself went to school) and “State College,” where I’m presently spending the weekend. Now I just need to find a town called “Universityvilletown,” and I’ll be all set.

Without further ado, here are some of the best college ministry discussions, etc., from the past week!

cross-cultural campus crusade: Did you notice Campus Crusade staff were missing from your campus early this week? Or did they seem particularly interested in cross-cultural ministry? That’s because every Crusade staffer was involved in Cross ’09, apparently. Read a good description from Truman & Amber Lo, Denver Metro staff, a great testimony from Northeast Regional guy Ryan McReynolds, or a “local” take from a Northern Illinois University student newspaper, the Northern Star!

niches and other impactful routes: Accidentally left out of last week’s review is the article from the Florida Baptist Witness describing some of the more unique and impactful ministries around the state of Florida. Especially helpful to rest of us are the good niche-based ministry ideas in there!

churches connecting with collegians: Chuck Bomar requested thoughts on how students do (or don’t) connect well within local churches – and that post has drawn several solid comments so far.

millennials under non-millennials: How can Millennial leaders (whether that’s you or your students) serve well under non-Millennials? Brian Barela examines the need for proper “translation,” generation to generation.

impacting the intelligent: In response to two discussions with two Christian professors, I asked, “Does Your College Ministry Give Spiritual Support to Smarties?” earlier this week at Exploring College Ministry.

written from the Lutzes’, near State College, PA


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