inspiration in light of our own weird obstacles

My friend Wes recently described the effort he and his wife have given to try to enroll in classes at San Francisco State University. The Woodells are helping replant a church and hoping to connect to the nearby SFSU campus, and they feel this could be a powerful way to begin connecting. But sadly, the California budget crisis has erected barriers to enrollment – so after attempting this for a couple of semesters, they still can’t get in.

Wes’s post sums it up:

We must spend time with students, and nothing would validate our presence on campus better than being in classes with them. I’m confident we’ll get around this somehow, but this budget thing is definitely a bump in the road.

Meanwhile, on roughly that same side of the Northern Hemisphere, Nick Melazzo has been experiencing his own adventure. Last week Nick described his “cannonball run” to the border of Alberta, Canada, to file papers simply so he can stay in the country where he has resided for the past 5 years – and keep serving the students of the University of Calgary.

(See his quick post about that trip here, or see how things turned out here.)

Striving hard to overcome persistent obstacles to attending classes on campus?

Striving hard to stay in the country and continue to serve students?

Most of us don’t have to work hard to do either of those things.

But sometimes it’s inspiring (or convicting) to read of those who face obstacles, challenges, and requirements we don’t – and who choose to strive hard and fight the fight. So today, a double challenge for us to go to whatever lengths we’re called in order to reach (and impact) the campus tribes.

written from Holiday Inn, Cedar Falls, IA


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  1. Hey man, thanks for the good words. I’m in stage two now: looking for gainful employment that will pay the bills so that I can hang at the U. Reading this makes me think I might not be completely crazy for sticking it out and eschewing a career track somewhere. Crazy or not, God has been faithful to provide, and I am very grateful that I get to do this thing we do.

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