weekly review, ann arbor edition

It’s been great to be back in Ann Arbor – this time during the school year. If you’re interested in my live reflections on all the Gameday festivities, check out my Twitter feed from Saturday morning.

But here’s some of the week’s most interesting college ministry reading, including connecting to atheists, a book review, a service project idea, and much more:

playing to a ministry’s strengths: Jason Yarnell ends a series on college ministers playing to their own strengths with a great post on playing to your ministry’s strengths. “Being more of what they are” is one way many college ministries could improve, in my humble opinion. (Yarnell does a great job of giving specific examples of strengths he hopes to lean toward – including areas that we might not immediately see as strengths.)

atheist Bible study: Ohio State CCO minister Jonathan Weyer posts a fascinating report of his time leading (by request) an Atheist Bible study. JW serves among the Buckeye tribe at Ohio State – but more specifically, he has been quite well-received by the campus community while connecting with skeptic, atheist, and agnostic students!

ideas for atheist event follow-up: Along the same lines, Nick Melazzo is looking for suggestions for strong follow-up activities after a planned debate next semester. Any ideas? Be sure to let him know.

dealing with cults on campus: Here on Exploring College Ministry, I presented a question I’m asked on occasion: As college ministers, how do we deal with campus cults and unhealthy college ministries? There have been some great comments on that post so far, but your wisdom would be helpful!

outdoor activity niche ministry: The University of Vemont student newspaper highlights the “Lifelines” chapter of Campus Crusade. Lifelines is a unique niche-based ministry focusing on outdoor activity (I got to meet with the NAU director during the yearlong trip), and this is a good summary of what they do. (HT: Chuck Bomar, where he makes some related points)

service project: Brandon Smith offers details (and pictures) for a cool clean-drinking-water effort their college ministry is participating in.

book review: Heather Lodovico covers Kevin Roose’s Unlikely Disciple. As a native of the Northeast herself, HL shares her unique perspective on Roose’s book, which describes his transfer from Brown University to Liberty University, where he spent a semester pretending to be a Christian.

student leader qualifications: Brian Barela offers a really interesting critique of Justin Wallace‘s post about choosing student leaders. It’s an interesting discussion that basically asks, “How specific should we be in the qualifications we require?”

a different form of disciplemaking: Cru staffer Matt McComas follows up on his provocatively-titled “I’m Anti ‘1-on-1’ Discipleship!” post with a new explanation of what his model looks like. I always appreciate people presenting, explaining, and defending college ministry models, new or old… I wish it happened more often!

written from Motel 6, between Detroit and Ann Arbor


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