college ministry weekly review, happy november edition

One of the tough things about being on these road trips is not having enough time to interact much on the various college ministry blogs. But I do make a point to read ’em, and here are some of the discussions I found most interesting this week!

As I posted the other day, well-known D.C. pastor Mark Batterson is giving away free copies of his new book… to college ministers! Whether you get the chance to request a book, I encourage you to check out the comments written in response to that post – and to add your own, to let Mark know we appreciate him lending his visibility to our field.

NewChapter continues to impress me with their sensitivity toward what is really needed by the college ministries they hope to serve. (I highlighted their ministry here.) Nowhere better is this evident than in their blog, which continues to offer thoughts that not only explain their mission but also challenge us in our mission…

Guy Chmieleski discusses a tough situation in his ministry, after a student lost a parent this week. In his blog this week, Guy does what we should all do in ambiguous ministry situations: brings his own God-given wisdom to bear, and then asks others for theirs. Very good reading, and be sure to add wisdom if you’ve gone through this in your ministry.

Steve Lutz could also use your input – and offers some great thoughts of his own – on ways to “stay in the loop.” (Check it out to see what he means.)

Interested in solid discussion on theology for college ministry? (Shouldn’t we have more of that?) It’s not surprising that some of that might come at the RUF Blog, including a post this week that asks, “Where would Jesus hang?”

Speaking of theology, on Monday Keith Davy discussed Tim Keller’s take on communicating the idea of sin to postmodern people. Then on Wednesday, more discussion / linkage – this time on “communicating sin to an iGen.” Whatever you feel like calling this generation of college students, obviously it’s vital for us to seek to help all people understand why the Good News is, in fact, good.

And if you’re in the mood for even more great stuff: check out Bob Fuhs on a better definition of “failure,” Russ Martin on not being a “what you can’t do” intercom, and Brandon Smith on the ridiculousness of reinventing the wheel with our college ministry activities (a favorite theme of my own!).

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