a milestone & miles of college ministries

Yesterday, as I made the snowy crossing from Wyoming into South Dakota, I did more than just pass into State #9 of this road trip. And as I “landed” at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology in Rapid City, I accomplished more than exploring Campus #19 of this trip.

I have now had the immense privilege of exploring campuses in all 48 states in the Continental U.S. in the last two years!

In fact, if I’m figuring correctly, I think my streak actually started with University of Oregon in March 2008 – so it’s only been some 19 months. (So if anybody has suggestions for getting up to AK or getting out to Hawaii by March, then that would be awesome…)

This milestone leaves me in awe once again at this crazy adventure I’ve been called to, and I hope I (and we) never miss the point that it makes so clearly: We who serve in college ministry serve in a wide, wide world! God is doing amazing things, encountering the campus tribes in powerful and exciting ways, all throughout our country. And it’s a BIG country.

So any of us would be foolish to rely on generalizations and well-worn playbooks when we have so many states, regions, and circles to learn from. Any of us would be ridiculous to presume some “manifest destiny” to establish work without first examining the work of God already taking place on a particular campus. Any of us would be poor stewards of the ministry we have received not to take advantage of the creativity, innovations, useful methods, and collective millennia of wisdom available from a nation full of awesome campus missionaries.

But on the other hand, any of us can be so, so proud that we serve among the outstanding guys and gals who labor among the campus tribes.

It has been my pleasure and a deep honor to meet a bunch of them, face-to-face, right there on their turf. (Not nearly enough, but many of them.) They are awesome people, and it’s my joy and my job to tell you about them and their wisdom – and to introduce you to each other as often as I can. (That last part might be the most fun of all.)

Thanks for joining me on these adventures. Count ’em up, friends – we’ve now been to 48.

written from Sioux Falls, SD


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