weekly review: pumpkins approaching edition

As I noted yesterday, I’m in militant get-ahead-of-the-game mode on Road Trip 13. So without further ado, here’s a quick run-down of some of this week’s most interesting college ministry blogs & other conversations (including some Event Ideas):

First off, some thoughts for campus ministry activity in the midst of a Halloween Fall Festival season:

Ed Stetzer posts about some really interesting research, discussing Christian college students and social media use. Lots of good links and some good comments, too.

Tim Hawkins (not the Christian comedian) posts his “Simple Three Point Tune-up for Small Groups” at the still-outstanding Heart of Campus Ministry blog. This is one of the better instances I’ve seen of college ministry assessment-advice shared via blog. Definitely worth reading, printing, and handing out to your small group leaders.

This week’s entry in the College Ministry Poles series discussed college ministries that lean “organic” or lean “systematic.” Which are you? Why?

J. D. Greear reposts his intriguing thoughts on campus-based vs. church-based ministry. Very worth reading (again), especially since this comes from a pastor (and a well-known one, at that). This has picked up some great comments, too, and you can read more comments from the first time he posted it if you want more!

Matt McComas of Montana State’s Campus Crusade offers college ministry bloggers 11 things he’d like you to write about (I think that’s what he means by “blogspiration”). Hooray for being a college ministry learner…

The Mercury News journeys “into the heart of Generation Y shopping habits” – another helpful article for understanding the generation we serve. (HT: Center for Parent / Youth Understanding)

And lastly, Guy Chmieleski continues to write an astounding blog that we should be tuning into. Among other things this week, he wrote about finding time for tasks / productivity in the midst of ministries that involve lots of relationships.

And with that, I’m going to get back to completely avoiding relationships so I can be productive. :)

Find more great discussions in past weeks’ reviews.

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