making myself at home: an RT 13 update

Upon arriving in St. George, Utah, last night, I tweeted / Facebooked my excitement over God’s Providence. When your home is a rarely-interrupted string of Motel 6 rooms in different cities, it’s easy to get particularly excited about the little variations that make for a more excellent stay. In this case, it’s a room in the front, parking directly outside, WiFi availability, a cheaper-than-usual room (with an internet discount on top of that), and an extra bed that makes for a perfect storage platform.

It’s easy to get excited about the little things. I’m thankful for a happy home.

I’m also thankful for the fact that with UNLV today, I’ve now gotten to visit college campuses in 46 states in the last two years. By Wednesday, it should be 48.

Further excitement over my temporary home came from the fact that, as I rode into Utah, I decided it would be profitable to camp out for a bit. So it looks like I’ll be right here through today and well into Sunday – if not all the way into Monday. Two or three days in one location? That feels like a month within a trip that has bounced me place to place to place like I’m a some kind of itinerant college ministry researcher…

So that’s part 1 of this week’s plan: time in Utah through Monday sometime.

As for the rest, I’ve already called an audible after announcing my plans to the Facebook Group. The plan now?

  • Utah into Colorado (instead of into Wyoming via Salt Lake City)
  • through Grand Junction, CO, and Fort Collins (at least)
  • then out the top of Colorado, through Wyoming’s corner, and into South Dakota
  • and on to Fargo by Thursday

While I’ve got to move quickly, I’m always open to fitting in some connections if I can. So if you’ve got any to recommend… (Please just don’t be offended if I can’t take you up on it – I’ll only have 3 days, and an awful lot of distance between here and Fargo.)

At three weeks into Road Trip 13, it’s been a good one. Wild, but good.

written from St. George, UT


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Road Trip 13: Day 20 recap
through Nevada, stop in Vegas, and into Utah (see all explorations so far)
mileage: 3,609 miles so far
new states: Nevada (#5) and Utah (#6)
new campus: UNLV (#13)

T-shirt: the Islander tribe of Texas A&M Corpus Christi
today: work time in St. George, Utah

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