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Brian Barela graciously invited me to post over at CruBlogging, a site dedicated to helping bloggers and potential bloggers blog better – particularly in the world of college ministry. So instead of reposting that whole entry here, I’ll give you an excerpt. It’s certainly not for everybody, but if you’ve been scared to start blogging because of all the front-end work it seems to require, this could be a helpful post.

(That excerpt is below, or jump to the whole post here.)

Meanwhile, for those not interested in checking that out (or even if you are), I’d encourage you to take a look at:

  • Yesterday’s post, the sixth entry in the College Ministry Poles series. The post got a lot of hits but no comments (yet); I realized late yesterday that the comments link was actually down. So I’d love to hear your thoughts on Organic vs. Systematic college ministry if you’ve got some!
  • Professor RJS posted a fifth entry in her Missional Campus Ministry series at the Jesus Creed blog last week – which I didn’t realize until somebody called my attention to it. Definitely worth taking a look at. That series is intermittent but powerful.

Here’s the excerpt of my other post. Whether you’re interested in this topic or not, I do encourage you to check out CruBlogging if you blog or have considered it. They do a good job of wading through both basic and advanced issues when it comes to the world of blogging!

If you haven’t started a blog for fear of the time involved in self-hosting, you should know: Choosing NOT to set up your blog all by your lonesome is a valid, viable, and oftentimes smart option. This applies for those blogging personally, professionally, or for their college ministry site.

There’s often an assumption that starting a blog requires an enormous amount of time… (Continue reading here)

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