college leader conference starts today

So far on this trip, I’ve had some cool opportunities to brainstorm with college ministers about their work – and the work of college ministry in general! I love that, and I hope against hope that I’m useful to as many “campus missionaries” as possible.

Along those same lines, I have the honor of speaking and hanging at the CollegeLeader Conference, a gathering of (I think) mostly church-based college ministers. Chuck Bomar heads up the CollegeLeader group, and he’s brought in several other speakers for this weekend at a campground in Southern California. So not only do I get to connect with a bunch of attending ministers, but I get to be around some college ministry leaders (and other speakers) from around the country.

I love the opportunity to connect with college ministers, so spending focused time with a lot of ’em in one place is especially awesome. It sounds like this conference is specifically set up to have lots of chatting time, for the purpose of mutual edification. Hooray!

If you have a second, I’d ask that you’d pray for me between now and Saturday:

  • That I would connect with the exact individuals I’m supposed to
  • That I would have wisdom for people’s situations and provide what they need, not just what I happen to feel like sharing
  • That my “speaking times” would be effective and God-directed (those will both take place Friday, it looks like)
  • That throughout the weekend I would recognize when to speak and when to remain silent
  • That God would grab college ministers with the understanding of college ministry as missions, both encouraging and edifying them through that recognition

Thanks for joining in all these journeys with me, pals. If time and/or internet availability is limited, I might have to skip blogging Friday, Saturday, or both. But I’m still alive (presumably)!

written from a Motel 6. Somewhere. I forget. Middle o’ California, a town with a weird odor.


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finished up in the Bay Area (see all explorations so far!)
total mileage: 2,555 miles so far
T-shirt: the Nittany Lion tribe of Penn State
today: 4 more hours to Southern California, and then the conference begins

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