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I’m so excited that the Association of Collegiate Ministries started their new blog this week (heartofcampusministry.com). This is a great blogging model for any regional or national organization of college ministries to think about – “team blogging,” which takes the pressure off individual bloggers but produces something consistent, broad, worth reading, and worth following! (I recently detailed the ACM, which is a network of Independent Christian Church college ministries.)

Derek Melleby alerts us to an upcoming campus outreach by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, in response to the 150th anniversary of The Origin of Species. Worth checking out on the CPYU Bookshelf blog, regardless of your stance on their approach.

Brian Barela guest-posted at major church-tech site ChurchCrunch, discussing his college ministry’s live broadcasting and other online presentation. Brian is the director of Campus Crusade at Cal State Chico, and I actually plan to hang out with him tomorrow! He is one of few college ministers who blogs regularly about our craft, focusing especially on innovations and how they spread through our field. This post, meanwhile, received comments from more than the usual college ministry crowd, which is always great.

Happily, Guy Chmieleski seems to have begun blogging on college ministry again! The University Minister at Belmont has served in the spiritual life departments of several different schools (from different denominations, even), so he brings a great depth of experience to our world. His other blog records his incredible home-lacking adventure this summer, and between that and the start of the school year, it’s understandable that he’s been a little distracted from blogging of late…

And here at Exploring College Ministry, the College Ministry Poles series continued to attract some great comments from readers, this time to discuss using Peer Teachers vs. Adult Teachers. And of course, I headed out on Road Trip 13; you can see quick updates at the bottom of each day’s post, read a reflection on the first day, or see all the explorations so far!

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Road Trip 13: Day 7 recap
explored more college ministry & visited a church in the Sacramento area
T-shirt: the Catamount tribe of the University of Vermont
today: more explorations in Roseville, CA, and a drive up to Chico!

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