quick update after week uno

I need to write briefly so I can go to sleep – it’s been a long week, and I still haven’t adjusted to the time zone difference. But here are my next steps!

As I noted last week, the front end of this trip is quite dense, but that makes room for a lot smoother sailing in November. So that’s why in the last 6 days, I’ve driven nearly 2,000 miles and explored two different campus environments.

I’ll get to stay here in the Sacramento area this weekend, and then I’ll head briefly even further north to Cal State Chico on Monday. That evening, I’ll probably double back to the Bay Area, and I’m still working on the schedule from there – so you can pray for that scheduling if you’d like! But I do know that I need to be at the CollegeLeader Conference in Southern California next Thursday, to speak and spend time with a bunch of college ministers. Hooray!

Also up tonight and tomorrow, it looks like I’ll be enjoying a pursuit that has been a big – if extracurricular – activity over the last two years: visiting multiple church worship services each weekend! As you know if you’ve followed for awhile, I visited 165 weekend churches services during my yearlong trip, and I’ve visited plenty more since then. So you can look for my observations of each weekend’s churches on Twitter if you’d like – should be some pretty cool experiences at some pretty interesting churches!

So that’s it. Thanks for road tripping with me through Week 1!

written from Motel 6, Davis, CA


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