point to the purposes (a fridea)

A very simple Fridea this week:

Share purposes with your students.

How often do you relate very clearly why certain things take place in your college ministry – even weekly events or other very basic things? Have you ever related, “This is why we have large-group meeting,” or “Here’s specifically why we’re planning this retreat”?

Sharing what we hope to accomplish – explicitly – might actually help those things happen. It also gives students ownership and the opportunity to serve or lead. And it holds us accountable, in front of all our students, to keeping our aim steady.

Sharing our purposes also might make our ministry more friendly to outsiders, who may legitimately wonder why we meet or why we sing or why we pray in groups or why we have crazy skits or why we play ultimate frisbee each Sunday afternoon. Some will care more than others… but some, at least, will care. And whether they care or not, it invites students inside.

What if every time you had a large group meeting, you shared the purposes in a brief sentence or two (even on the screen)? Or what if for the next fellowship event, you (at least) shared the “method behind the madness” with your student leaders? How else could this function in your ministry? Is it worth trying?

As college ministers, some of our purposes need to remain in our heads (but I hope they’re at least very clear there). But sometimes, student leaders should be privy to those details. And oftentimes, the whole group would benefit from knowing that ours is indeed a purpose-filled ministry, and that there are specific gains we hope to make in every step we take.

You can find a list of all the Frideas – with synopses – right here!


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  1. If I have been learning how to say, “Say Less For more.” We have to get as clear as possible in what we expect and what we want to accomplish; especially in a day and age of unclarity.

    We have ironed out Four Key Values that we want our students to practice and every week they hear these four things: Church, Community, Serve, Invite.
    We want them to be committed to being at our service every Sunday night (Church)
    Be in a Community Group for accountability (community)
    Serve somewhere in some fashion- in the church on Sunday morning, in the community, on their campus, or on Sunday night. (Serve)
    Be sharing their faith and Inviting (Invite)

    I am still working on how to effectively communicate all of these concisely…but they are starting to get it. Just when we get tired saying it they begin to understand what we are saying.
    So the more ways you can communicate your expectations the better. I use our blog on our website to every once in a while come back to one of our values. When we say our four things at our meeting we try and have a powerpoint with those on it. By doing this you cover all the ways people learn (hearing, seeing, and reading).

    Oh and this is huge: When you see them start to get it and do what you are asking…Celebrate it! Let them know through a comment or Facebook message that you notice and you are proud of them…if it is appropriate even share it with the whole group maybe without using names.

  2. LOL! Love that my opening sentence has a typo! Meant to say “If I have been learning anything it is how to “Say less for more.”

    I should know better than to comment before I have had my two cups of coffee.

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