weekly review (two weeks edition)

Recent blog posts and other web events I’ve found most interesting for the field of college ministry:

young adults / collegiate webinar this tuesday: As I tweeted the other day, Christianity Today is holding a free webinar this coming Tuesday morning. Christian Smith, a well-known expert on young adults, will be discussing “how emerging adults view religion and spirituality, and will suggest ways the church can reach emerging adults at a time when they are most likely to float away.” There’s a Q&A, too. As far as I know, you can still sign up.

ivy jungle monthly update: The Ivy Jungle monthly update about campus life and ministry is always good reading. September’s came out this last week, and you can see it here.

mike gaffney interview: Mike Gaffney is one of the true deans of college ministry in the U.S., and he now heads up Young Life College (which I profiled back here). He was recently interviewed for the “40 Conversations” series from College Union. (I’m really looking forward to catching up on all those Conversations during my upcoming road trip!)

campus crusade’s unpopular name: Cru staffer Ben Meredith writes about how he deals (or doesn’t) with Campus Crusade for Christ’s politically incorrect name. It’s attracted a few interesting comments by now, too.

disillusioned millennials: Always important reading, Tim Elmore blogs about some of the shifting trends within the Millennial Generation in “From Illusion to Disillusion.”

testimony site at stanford: The Stanford Daily highlighted a very cool campus testimony-sharing site, started by a couple of students in the Chi Alpha chapter at Stanford. This is a great example of how college ministries can see amazing works spin off from within their groups! (HT: Glen Davis, Stanford Chi Alpha director)

top posts at exploring college ministry: As for this blog, the College Ministry Poles series continues to attract some great discussion: #3 discussed present-looking vs. future-looking, and #4 examined co-ed vs. single-gender ministry. Two other well-visited posts include the “name the college ministry” challenge (how well do YOU know national groups?) and a post discussing why America’s “top churches” aren’t always the place to look for strong college ministry. I also blogged a wild day last weekend, spent viewing three Gen Y-oriented movies (and then posted an expanded Millennial Review of Whip It, as well).

want even more?: For more recent reading, check out this wrap-up from mid-September or this one from a week before that. (Those were a couple of weeks of really solid discussions around the campus ministry blog world, so it’s some good reading!)

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