road trip 13: it’s odd because…

If you didn’t join in yesterday’s great discussion of co-ed vs. single-gender in college ministry, there’s still time! Great comments yesterday, friends!

I’ve got a few updates as I prepare for Road Trip 13. (Click here for Tuesday’s intro to the trip.) And as you’ll see, these updates collectively fit the heading, “This road trip is odd because…”

1. The NoCal / SoCal switcheroo. I hinted in Tuesday’s post that I might have to switch my explorations of Northern California and Southern Cal, and it looks like that’s the plan.

So I’ll be spending a few days in Arizona, followed by a huge-but-quick swing up to Northern California for the end of next week. Then I’ll double-back to Southern California before heading on to the northern Midwest.

So now, if you think about it, my whole trip looks more like an ichthus than a circle, as I roughly go Dallas – Arizona – Northern California – SoCal – North Dakota – NY / NJ – Virginia – back to Dallas.

Which I suppose is fitting.

2. This trip will be more regimented than usual. On most of my road trips, I’ve had the chance to “play it by ear” for quite a lot of the trip. While there might have been some “parameters” – a conference or two I planned to attend, for instance – usually I had the bulk of the trip “open.”

But not as much this time. I have no less than eight firm commitments in seven states across those seven weeks, meaning my time will be more structured in between. In some ways, this could be really nice; order is something I like. But I’m sure it will present plenty of challenges, too, including not having the opportunity to do all that I want to do. (But that’s always the case!)

This trip will also be more regimented because I know I need to do some other, non-road-trippy things along the way. This includes spending some major time writing, as well as better connecting with at-home things (like the college ministry Service Team I’m helping with). So this will be an interesting adventure, as I pray for the self-control to do all that needs to be done – even when it means I sit in a coffee shop or motel room instead of exploring a campus. This kind of “regiment” is good for me to learn.

3. This trip is largely funded. As I said Tuesday, this trip came about as a result of a major college ministry asking me to visit several of their chapters around the U.S. So that means that for the first time, a road trip exploration will be funded – at least in large part. This is a HUGE blessing and a definite answer to prayer.

But remember, that’s one reason this trip is odd, which means that most of what I’ve done over the last two years to support College Ministry still needs to be paid off. So please don’t let my present support deter anyone from helping provide for the work I’ve gotten to accomplish so far!

leaving Sunday…


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