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As I wrote recently, I get the marvelous privilege to head up my church’s college ministry Service Team. And because we’re brand-new, I want to get us all grounded in the biblical motivations and reasons for service. So I’m hoping to read a book with the students that discusses these very issues!

But the question is… what’s a good book for this?

When with hundreds of college ministers around the U.S., would I ever just “pick a book and see how it goes” without getting input? Hope not! (I hope you wouldn’t, either!)

So that’s what I’ve done (and continue to do, even in this very post). I asked everybody via Twitter and Facebook for suggestions yesterday, and I got some GREAT responses! Thanks, guys!

But, of course, I want to share the wealth.

So in case your ministry, individual students, or you yourself would like to dive into the world of service, here’s the list of suggestions so far. Remember, these are suggestions from others (not from me), so be sure to check ’em out before implementing them (but you would do that anyway, right?).

Finally, I would love for you to add your thoughts in the comments. This is obviously a big issue for college students – your suggestion may help us all work better in this area.

suggested so far…


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