name the college ministry!

A little quiz to get us all up-to-speed on some of the campus-based college ministries around the U.S.

Feel free to report your score AND add other ministries you’re familiar with – including ministries whose names change depending on location. This is NOT a complete list, just several major ministries that don’t have extremely obvious names.

I hope you have your Scantron ready to go.


Match each ministry name with the fellowship or national group it usually connects with.

1. Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)
2. Baptist Student Union (BSU)
3. Campus Outreach
4. Cru
5. [Mascot] for Christ (i.e., “Aggies for Christ”)
6. Chi Alpha (XA)

7. Wesley Foundation
8. Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM)
9. Canterbury House
10. Association of Collegiate Ministries (ACM)
11. Newman Foundation

A. Episcopal Church
B. Assemblies of God
C. Southern Baptist Convention (official national name)
D. Southern Baptist Convention (local name in some areas)
E. United Methodist Church
F. Connected to various Reformed churches (often PCA or Baptist)
G. Churches of Christ
H. Independent Christian Churches (national name)
I. Presbyterian Church in America
J. Roman Catholic Church
K. Campus Crusade for Christ

To see the answers, click here or scroll down a little:


  1. RUF = I (Presbyterian Church in America)
  2. BSU = D (occasionally a local name for Southern Baptist ministries, and the former national name)
  3. Campus Outreach = F (connected to various Reformed churches)
  4. Cru = K (Campus Crusade for Christ)
  5. [Mascot] for Christ = G (a very common name for Church of Christ ministries)
  6. XA = B (Assemblies of God)
  7. Wesley = E (United Methodist Church)
  8. BCM = C (national name of SBC ministries)
  9. Canterbury = A (Episcopal Church)
  10. ACM = H (new national name for Independent Christian Churches’ networked ministries)
  11. Newman = J (Roman Catholic Church)

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