a big non-road-trip and other updates

It’s a good day for an update, in part because it gives me the chance to encourage you to check out yesterday’s post, the first in my new “College Ministry Poles” series. That post received some of the most helpful comments I’ve ever gotten, especially for helping us all understand each other better! If there’s more to be said, keep commenting!

Meanwhile, a couple of important updates and prayer requests:

Corpus Christi

I’m headed down south to Texas A&M Corpus Christi today, and I’ll be visiting a college ministry or two while I’m there. For those who aren’t Texans, it might surprise you that I’ll be taking this 7-hour trip (one way) and still won’t leave the state.

But though every trip is important (and I’m excited about this one), it’s not an “official” Major Multi-state Road Trip along the lines of the 12 trips I’ve taken since 2004. So I’m still waiting for Road Trip #13…

…and yet this trip could shed much light on Road Trip 13, which may be coming up really soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Please pray for a good trip and for wisdom about how I spend the rest of the semester! Also, if there’s anybody in Corpus Christi I should try to connect with, let me know!

Service Team

Even while I’m focused on helping the field of college ministry as a whole, I hope I’ll always have opportunities to keep right on serving some students directly – whether it’s through my church, through some other local ministry, or even simply through one-on-one disciplemaking.

These days, it’s through my church. And I now have the fantastic opportunity to help increase our efforts in the service / social justice / campus connections realm, since I’ll be heading up our student Service Team!

I have the feeling this will lend itself to some blogging, as I have the opportunity to use everything I’ve learned in this very specific way. I look forward to treating this aspect of our ministry as missiologically as I can, and I get the chance to work with a cool group of students. We met together for the first time yesterday!

I’d like to ask for your prayers on this thing, that I might serve wisely and well. It’s a little awkward to be jumping back in to leadership like this after a couple of years serving in other ways!

I’ll also want to collaborate with you guys as I go along – just as I encourage all of us to do! In fact, right now I could really use some suggestions on a good primer (for students to use) in this area of Christian ministry. Any solid, basic books that discuss why (and how) Christians are called to serve others? All suggestions would be appreciated…

That’s it for today’s updates. Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post if you haven’t seen the newest comments!


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