a few great discussions this week

In case you’ve missed it, I just wanted to point you to a few college ministry discussions around the web I found to be interesting reading this week:

Tim Elmore on “Karaoke Leaders” is, as always, good for us and good for our student leaders. If you’re not following his blog and checking out his resources, all of the above is well worth it.

Chuck Bomar’s post on “Thoughts for Campus Ministers” (by which he means campus-based ministers) has continued to garner comments since last week (including several from me, after someone asked me some direct Qs). The post and comments could be helpful for thinking about campus-based / church-based interaction (and the difficulties involved in that). I encourage you still to add your two cents if you have some thoughts.

Steve Lutz offers some really helpful analysis of students’ “spiritual openness continuum” – and how little we minister effectively to most college students. (And if you missed his post last week, I will again say it was some of the best college ministry reading I’ve read recently: be sure to check out his post about doing college ministry like we’re the Visiting Team.)

Really interesting thoughts at the Academic Faithfulness blog by Keith Martel on “Marks of Academic Revival,” discussing what effects he believes true spiritual revival will have on students academic lives.

And, of course, College Union is still trucking on their awesome 40 Days of Prayer for Campus Ministry. (Today is Day 28.)


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