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You might remember that I highlighted NBC’s “Community” a few weeks ago. The show, which premieres this Thursday, centers around a group of awkwardly diverse people who all find themselves attending community college together.

For more, you can check out my post there, look at NBC’s official site for the show (and fake site for the community college), and see Chuck Bomar’s post about the show.

I mention it again because watching the premiere with college students could honestly be a fun event this week. Or if you wanted to, you could even plan on a “discussion time” following your 30-minute watching party.

[Something I failed to realize – Community airs right after The Office’s season premiere. So that may make for an even more do-able and recruit-able event!]

Either way, I wanted to remind you that “Community” is headed our way. After seeing the pilot, I’m actually pretty excited to see how this show fares and what it explores.

If you are interested in having a “teachable moment” with the show, here are some thoughts…

The pilot (which is the episode being shown this Thursday) actually does bring up some themes worth talking about – particularly ones our students deal with:

  • Awkward relationships and building friendships (the show’s title appears to have a double meaning)
  • Holding on to high school identity
  • College students with emotional struggles
  • Academic effort
  • Pursuing romantic relationships
  • Absolute truth (as it bears out in morality)

Really – that’s all in there, and it’s not hidden or laughed away.

But here’s the deal: THIS IS STILL A COMEDY. So you have to know your group, to know if they’re going to be ready to debrief some important issues (even if you keep things light) after viewing a funny show. And you’ve gotta know if you (or student leaders) have the facilitation ability to lead a solid conversation, 10 minutes after watching the show.

Of course, just getting everybody together to watch can be fun all by itself.

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