college ministry popping up all over

Yesterday, I had a great conversation with a local minister. He’s thinking through a discipleship tool/model that might be really useful for students all over the country. We even toyed with the idea of making this tool/model “franchise-able,” in the sense that not only could it stand alone, but it could also be implemented by existing college ministries.

It was a fun discussion about an innovative idea that could help college ministry take place more and take place better.

The day before, I had a great discussion with a Student Ministry professor at a major seminary. We’re looking at ways to catalyze college ministry training at the seminary – perhaps even leading to a class or Campus Ministry track down the road.

These two discussions might not seem to have much in common, but they’re two examples of a means by which the field of Collegiate Ministry might grow stronger, better developed, and better valued. That means?

You might call it the “popcorn method.”

Imagine if all over the U.S., little by little, collegiate emphases began to pop up:

  • Like a parachurch ministry developing a campus strategy (i.e., Financial Peace University’s upcoming collegiate curriculum)
  • Or a publisher starting a Collegiate Ministry imprint
  • A youth ministry organization creating a collegiate offshoot
  • Churches developing a College Student Plan where they’ve previously had none
  • Seminaries establishing a new track to study campus ministry
  • A ministry magazine printing a new, regular college ministry column
  • Or even a major conference offering Collegiate Ministry breakouts

And not only might we see college ministry pop up from within existing, established organizations, but entirely new ministries might pop up to add something new to the field. In this case, I don’t mean new, full-fledged college ministry organizations (though I’m not adverse to that if it’s needed). Instead, these would be ministries that complement, support, or boost the ministries already on the ground – like the discipleship tool/model I spoke of above. Or like NewChapter, an exciting organization that helps college ministries build buildings. (More on them to come.)

While our field may still need to advance as one giant groundswell, it may instead (or also) advance by popping up all over the place. Indeed, even many of those hypotheticals in the list above have already happened to some extent.

So don’t blink, or you may miss some major popping.

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