labor day weekend college ministry catch-up

Like many of you, I’m gonna take a Labor Day break, but I’ll be back posting on Tuesday!


If you haven’t gotten the chance to read it, you could easily read my entire ebook, Reaching the Campus Tribes, this weekend. It’s just the ticket for getting invigorated – and challenged – for the school year ahead. (And if you still need convincing, you can see all the sites that discuss the book, on the sidebar at

And if you feel like reading the blog (or catching up on what you’ve missed), here’s the best stuff from the past couple of weeks:

Leadership nuggets from year one: Most of the past two weeks, I’ve been posting a series especially for the start of a new school year! It covers the lasting ideas I learned in my first year of college ministry (one decade ago) and can be found here.

40 Days of Prayer: I reported that some United Methodist campus ministries began an awesome “40 Days of Prayer” emphasis – be sure to check that out if you haven’t!

Missional campus ministry on the national scene: Professor “RJS” has been posting a series on missional campus ministry for four weeks now at Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed blog (hosted by BeliefNet). My book was used as the springboard the second week, and there have been some great comments each week! (The prof seems to be posting those each Tuesday.)

Church-based ministry on the national scene: Building Church Leaders put out a resource for church-based college ministry, and they blogged a little about my book, too.

All the best stuff: And for earlier cool reading, check out the Summer Wrap-up, with the biggest posts and events from the summer!

And the rest: Of course, you can also just click back through the last few weeks if you wanna catch up on everything. Or, take a tour through the Blog Topics over there on the side. With nearly 600 posts over the last couple of years, there are bound to be some things you’ll enjoy!

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