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For many of you, the school year begins this week (or has already begun). For those whose school calendar doesn’t start for another month (thanks to the Quarter System), enjoy the rest of your summer. But for many of us, this is the beginning!

So I’m praying for you guys, AND I want this blog to be as helpful as possible in these crazy, busy, important days. So, I want to clue you in on two things that you might find encouraging and useful – especially here at the start of school, both for you and for any leaders in your ministry.

(And if you missed it, yesterday’s blog was a list of seven “best ways to start the school year.”)

40 days, 40 prays

If you haven’t already seen it, I encourage you to tune into our United Methodist campus ministry friends, who have issued a nationwide call for 40 Days of Campus Ministry Prayer. They’re blogging a new intense, solid prayer for college ministers each day. I think you’ll find their prayers encouraging and refreshing – and perhaps taking time to pray through them each day might be a great spiritual discipline as you begin the year.

This could also be valuable for your student leaders, adult volunteers, and even your supporters to be reading/praying along with you.

You can find a good description of the project, a prayer guide, and all the prayers so far right here. As a reminder, I’ll also link to the prayers occasionally at the bottom of posts (see below). You can also find posts from the coinciding “40 Conversations” series here.

what I learned in my first year

Meanwhile, I plan to start a timely new series tomorrow: Each day, one major thing I learned in my very first year of college ministry that has had a BIG impact on my college ministry work ever since. (I learned a lot of interesting things that first year – you’ll hear a little about it in the posts to come.)

[The whole series can now be seen right here.]

These won’t be fancy posts – and they should be quite short, in honor of the busy season. But I figure that looking at some powerful, basic ideas and Best Practices isn’t a bad thing at the beginning of the school year. I would also love to help your student leaders or adult volunteers with these posts – I really think they will cover some strong practices that might “upgrade” anyone’s ministry, whether they’re longtime ministers or first-time volunteers.

For those of you who do have a little time to interact with the blogs, these may also be great posts for commenting and adding your thoughts, illustrations, contrasting ideas, connected ideas, or anything else. Sometimes little nuggets make the best springboards!

Enjoy your school year, whenever it starts. I’m praying for you.

It’s Day Eight of College Union’s 40 Days of Prayer for Campus Ministry


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