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Yesterday a site called Building Church Leaders released its latest Practical Ministry Skills resource – a packet of Ministry to College Students - Building Church Leadersarticles and other resources on Ministry to College Students! BCL is connected with Leadership Journal, and those are both part of the Christianity Today International family of publications.

So in other words, yet another major, national publication is taking a look at the field of Collegiate Ministry!

Specifically, this resource is focused on church-based ministry, though there are a few articles which could apply to any college ministry. (You can see the Table of Contents at the download page.) The packet contains eight articles, a leaders’ guide, discussion questions, and a list of resources for further study. The articles are very applicable and even include a few topics that aren’t discussed nearly enough. Importantly, this group of articles is also fitting for a wide range of churches – from churches that will never have a classic, “full-fledged” college ministry but want to impact however they can… to those churches that might be able to make a large investment in this area.

In my own contributions to this resource, I had the chance to boldly state some things that churches desperately need to hear. One of my articles even lays out the process of creating a College Student Plan, which I’d argue may be the biggest widespread “fix” needed within church-based college ministry. While I discuss that idea briefly in the final chapter of my book, the article in “Ministry to College Students” covers that idea – and the process involved – more extensively than I have anywhere else.

I do encourage you to consider getting this resource for your church, and to point churches and college ministers to these great, practical articles.

The resources at BCL can be downloaded for a fee ($14.95 in this case) – BUT that includes rights to make up to 1,000 copies for church or educational settings (which is generous licensing for something like this). So it’s perfect for purchasing for your church, using for collegiate leadership training, sharing with your student leaders, or sharing in a classroom setting. Further, this packet is free for Building Church Leaders members OR for those enjoying the 14-day Free Trial.

It’s exciting that this resource could provide a helpful foundation for possibly hundreds of new efforts to impact college students in the coming years. And remember, if we’ll step up and purchase resources like this (and/or get others to do the same), then publishers will notice – and continue to put out better and better materials.

I’m having a blast joining 60 college ministry student leaders from Texas A&M on their retreat. I’ll be speaking twice today and then heading back home tonight. (More details on my Schedule.)


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  1. Great work Benson! You are doing amazing things to advocate for the work we do on campus!! You are single-handedly changing how others (and even those of us in the field of college ministry) view our work!

    Thanks so much!

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