national college ministry exposure

I want to alert you to some blogs this week that are putting college ministry on an incredible national stage. Remember, by visiting these sites, you’re helping “vote” for college ministry to be discussed more often!

my book at Jesus Creed

First, if you missed it yesterday, my free book Reaching the Campus Tribes was the subject of a wonderful discussion about missional campus ministry at Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed blog (a major blog hosted at BeliefNet). If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out the post, read the great thoughts by RJS (a prof at a major American university), and add to the discussion if you have something to add!

And be sure to check out the couple of dozen comments (so far), including from Scot McKnight himself.

Hopefully you also saw the first discussion of Missional Campus Ministry last week, which covered some of Steve Lutz’s work on the topic. And stay tuned for another installment, where RJS will apparently be discussing Steve Bomar’s book College Ministry 101.

the Building Church Leaders blog

I also received word that Reaching the Campus Tribes will be highlighted at the Building Church Leaders blog, Off the Agenda, today! [It has now been posted – click here.] So I encourage you to take a look, and participate if there’s an opportunity to do that.

That’s happening as part of the release of the brand-new “Ministry to College Students” resource packet from Building Church Leaders, which is connected with Leadership Journal and is in the Christianity Today family. That resource will be released as early as today, and I’ll post a description shortly (probably tomorrow). I saw a copy, and it looks great!

why you should visit these sites

As I said above, when national blogs like the Building Church Leaders blog and Jesus Creed discuss college ministry, even visiting the blog is like VOTING for college ministry to be covered more! And if you are able to participate in the conversations, to purchase resources, or to encourage others to connect – well, that’s even better. Until Christian leaders “out there” know that lots of people care about campus ministry, we won’t receive the attention that will help us all.

So be sure to “vote” – and encourage other interested people to visit these sites as well!

I have the awesome chance to speak at a college ministry leaders’ retreat tomorrow. If you think about it, I’d love your prayers! Details available on my Schedule.


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