these are good days for college ministry

I want to call your attention to some major activity in our field! These are good days to be in the field of College Ministry; I really do believe that slowly but surely, our work is gaining attention in the greater Christian world. These are some examples of that very thing.

“Building Church Leaders” adds a college ministry focus

You may be familiar with Building Church Leaders, a site in the Christianity Today family. Lo and behold, they’ve decided to provide a Collegiate Ministry resource! From what I can gather, it will be a packet of several articles available for (paid) download at their site. I have contributed three articles to this and am really excited to see all the rest; most of all, I’m excited for college ministry to be getting this sort of exposure.

The last target publication date I heard from the editor was August 20th, so look for this really soon!

Further, I got to write about some things that churches desperately need to hear – particularly the idea of developing a solid College Student Plan. As you know if you’ve read this blog for long, I believe adopting this missiological principle is vital for seeing greater success in church-based college ministry and increasing its fruitful coexistence with other forms of college ministry. (I also discuss it in the final “Road Map Forward” chapter of my book.)

Jesus Creed highlighting college ministry

Scot McKnight’s blog Jesus Creed, hosted at BeliefNet, is dedicating some blog space these days to some really powerful college ministry discussion. A regular contributer to McKnight’s blog, a college professor known as “RJS,” reengaged the topic of college ministry earlier this week, highlighting some of my friend Steve Lutz‘s work to discuss what missional campus ministry could and should look like.

RJS noted that other posts will soon cover my book, Reaching the Campus Tribes, as well as Chuck Bomar’s book, College Ministry 101. Whatever the case, it’s exciting that a major Christian blog out there is talking about college ministry – so pastors and other church leaders are getting a major dose of college ministry advocacy. That’s huge.

Institute for Reformed Campus Ministry opens at RTS

This fall, Reformed Theological Seminary Charlotte is starting an Institute for Reformed Campus Ministry! Apparently RTS has already been partnering with Campus Crusade, but now they’re adding an “institute” and an MDiv with a collegiate ministry emphasis. Here’s the Press Release. (Big thanks to my Pennsylvania Campus Crusade buddy Brad Daubenspeck for this info.)

It’s always huge when a seminary decides even to add a course on college ministry – but an entire program at a well-known institution is even more exciting.

Exciting days, friends. Exciting days!

For more on seminary training… I’ve written a good bit about this, especially when I got the chance to visit college ministry courses at three seminaries last January – and even got to teach a lecture. My 15-or-so posts about collegiate ministry courses are here; the posts from only that trip are here. Further, here’s a list of all seminaries I’ve found that have any college ministry training at all.


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