surprise! road trip #12

So… it looks like my next multi-state collegiate road trip is coming a little sooner than I expected. Tomorrow, in fact. (And if you want the chance to help “choose my own adventure,” keep reading.)


There are multiple reasons I didn’t see this one coming. But as of last night, I decided to attend the annual conference of the National Association of Christian Campus Ministries. Held at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, the National Student Conference lasts from Saturday afternoon through Wednesday morning.

I can’t wait! These NACCM guys and gals have been über-friendly to me during my various explorations of the last two years (and most recently, by letting me sign up for the conference two days before it starts!). I’ve appreciated the chance to learn from them, as well as opportunities to share what I’ve learned.

If you’ve never heard of NACCM, you’re certainly not alone; I look forward to introducing them to you (as they’ve been introduced to me over the last couple of years). And this is a group you should get to know if you’re interested in what God’s doing in college ministry around the country; among other things, they reportedly have enormous ministries on certain campuses, like the Purdue Christian Campus House and Georgia Tech’s Christian Campus Fellowship.

Here’s the particularly unique aspect of this trip: Right now, my only “agenda item” is to go to this conference. So I may end up heading right back, or I may end up taking the chance to explore other campuses, college ministries, churches, etc., whether they’re on my direct route or lead to a new route altogether! Other Indiana adventures? Kentucky? Tennessee? Missouri? Arkansas? Elsewhere?

A trip to IN is smack in the middle of a lot of good country, and I look forward to seeing what happens.

As always, I’m open to what God wants to do. But usually I have things a little more planned before heading out… like I said, this one sneaked up on me. So during the crazy all-day drive Saturday, I’ll be praying, thinking, planning – and I’ll keep right on doing that in the days (and weeks?) until I get back home.

So could this be a 5-day trip? Sure. Could it take two weeks? Sure. Got any ideas? Awesome.

I’m open as always to suggestions for informal ministry visits, as I continue to explore what God’s doing! So fill me in if there’s something I should check out.

But beyond that, if any college ministries or churches are interested in paying for a more in-depth “consultation” (either now or later on), let me know. I’ve had some ministries ask about this, and I’m pondering that as a possibility for supporting my efforts to serve college ministry and college ministers!


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