two years sojourning (in this particular way)

Two years ago today, I announced on my brand new Exploring College Ministry blog that I would soon embark on a pretty ridiculous adventure. I wrote that first post on the very day that God confirmed the idea I’d been praying about: taking a massive, nationwide road trip to research college ministry.

(How I came to that decision – and ended up in that position in the first place – comes up in Chapter 2 of the book.)

I started my blog with,

In three weeks, I’ll be a hobo.


In a few weeks, I’ll hop in my car, say goodbye to Dallas, and begin a year-long road trip to research college ministry throughout the country. As an “embedded reporter,” I’ll let you know through blog, video, and more what God’s up to out there, on college campuses throughout our nation – starting with the many schools and churches of Chicago.

Whether you’re headed to college soon, in college now, or well past “college age,” wouldn’t it be neat to spend a year seeing the “God side” of college campuses? That’s what this blog is about.

And, for those doing ministry right now: aren’t you a little bit intrigued about how college ministry takes place in Chicago, or at John Piper’s church, or when tragedy strikes, or in a non-college-town, or with a “Simple Church” model? And those are just random examples of the things we’ll be exploring this year.

And so it began!

Of course, the trip very quickly evolved from my starting plans:

  • I ditched that hope for recording lots of video, for one thing. It would have been awesome, but it was logistically tricky. I did blog quite a bit, and my regularity in that rather surprised me!
  • At the time, I wasn’t certain about the trip’s length; ultimately I decided to take a full year.
  • My original plan to focus on church-based college ministry was quickly expanded to include a massive dose of Christian-college and campus-based ministries.
  • And I ended up leaving a few days earlier than I was planning that night. So that meant only 19 days to move out of my apartment and prepare for months of road tripping… and a week of that was spent at a college ministry conference in New Mexico…

Little did I know that this year would turn out simply to be Year 2 of this particular sojourn. Though I did take 12 more weeks of road trips, I’ve been much more stationary than Year 1. But I’m far from “settled.” I continue to push and prod and poke and pray and pitch my tents wherever I need to, as I strive to serve the field of college ministry and watch for what’s next.

Since this recent “sojourn” is now two years old, it’s good to be reminded that God has provided an amazing and productive and grace-filled adventure.

Thanks for being a part of it – in praying, in reading, in meeting, in helping. Please be praying with me about next steps – whether it’s the Church Plan Project or something else. Whatever it is, I’ll keep you posted.


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