have you read it yet? (that’s what summer is for!)


Back in April and May, whenever I ran into college ministers I knew, they seemed a little sheepish about not reading Reaching the Campus Tribes yet. But my usual reply was, “That’s what summer is for!” Because I knew that few college ministers would be able to read a book – even a short one – in the closing days of the school year.

Fast forward a few months.

We’re now a month away (or maybe two if you’re on the Quarter System) from your next awesome-though-tiring school year. So I just wanted to remind you… in case you haven’t read it… that there’s a book out there written for you.

It’s for you as a college minister, because it’s written with you in mind.

It’s for you because it shares what I learned about college ministry by sitting down with 300+ guys and gals in our profession, seeing 181 campuses, and visiting all sorts of college ministries around the country!

It’s for you because it’s designed to make our case and enhance our thought.

It’s for you because it’s absolutely free!

And it’s for you because it’s short – short enough to read today. Or tomorrow. A very quick read. (I’ve been there. I know that’s important.)

Since its release in April, I’ve received all sorts of encouraging words about the book from college ministers from all over the spectrum of denominations and fellowships – as well as in church-based, campus-based, and Christian-college settings. Pastors, professors, and others have also been really favorable. (You can see the blogs and other sites that have noticed Reaching at the web site.) The hit count on the book’s site – already nearing 4,000 – is also pretty exciting. And that doesn’t even figure in people who receive the book from others!

I feel like this thing has touched a nerve, hit a niche, and may even be sparking a fire. I hope so.

Have you read it yet? That’s what summer is for!


If you have read Reaching, what did you think? Any suggestions for helping others find and read it?



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