don’t forget they have families

This may be a personal fault that few of you share, but I know I often forget that students have families. Or, more accurately, I should say I forget that for many students, their “family world” is very real, very important, and even very pressing (and/or very stressing) in their lives.

For some of our students, siblings and parents are “out of sight, out of mind.” That may have been the case for some of us in our college years, too. But for plenty of students, FAMILY is quite present in their mind, in their interactions, and even in their spiritual experience – for negative reasons, positive ones, or a mixture. For crisis reasons, friendship reasons, spiritual reasons, past incidents, present circumstances, or all of the above. It may be simply because of family dynamics that have glued this family together in different ways than others.

And even those whose families seem presently “out of mind”…

A. …may not realize the impact their families have had – or areas where things aren’t as they should be.

B. …may come upon a moment in which all that changes.

Whatever the case, discipling college students means discipling people who have families. ‘Cause just about all of ’em do.


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