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I’m kinda taking today off after some really long days.

But though the last few days have been long, they’ve been SO GOOD. Can you handle a quick update? There are some interesting links…

One superb part of the last few days has been four discussions with eight local church people about my Project. Even if they don’t join the Project, it’s been phenomenal chatting hard-core about college ministry. Hopefully there will be plenty of connections with those ministers in the future!

Meanwhile, I got the wonderful chance to hang out with my semi-new buddy and fellow college ministry blogger Steve Lutz. He was in town for Leadership Network’s Ideation Experience conference, an invitation-only conference working on new idea-projects for Christianity. I first got to hang out with Steve in State College, PA, on my recent road trip; now he got to hang with me on my home turf in Big D. Good times.

BUT our time also resulted in me getting an incredible speed-intro to Dallas’s own Leadership Network. That came through all sorts of neat connections across about 18 hours – as I not only got to crash the conference’s informal hang-out time Tuesday night, but then D.J. Chuang invited me to join the conference’s final morning. (And that followed a sweet Dream Cafe breakfast with him and former longtime college minister Don Wilcox.)

From what I can tell, there’s a good shot of Leadership Network having some cool impact on the field of college ministry. There’s a lot of former-college-minister blood running through people’s veins up there! I’ll keep you posted on anything I learn.

Oh – and Steve’s idea was recognized as one of the Top 12 ideas coming out of that conference – check out his project at I’m really excited for him – it’s a big honor.

Thanks for letting me update ya’.


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