two awesome methods from the methods-ists (and a baptist bonus)

The national United Methodist campus ministry guys have established an absolutely brilliant Facebook group. This group hits right at the heart of our biggest need in college ministry right now: raising the value of college ministry in the minds of American Christians, and it helps accomplish that in a very simple but very powerful way.

Here’s the Facebook group. Copy it, or urge your denomination or fellowship to copy it. Absolutely genius. (I’m not going to spoil it here, so yes, you’ll have to take a look if you wanna know what they’re doing.)

Then, I ran across the UMC effort (at least here in Texas) to help transition college students well. You can find a short explanation right here, and be sure to click the link to the info form. Also interesting stuff.

The Southern Baptists are doing something similar on the national level; you can see how they’re doing that right here.

These are methods others should copy!

For more on the greatest need in college ministry, see Monday’s post.

For more on United Methodist college ministry, check out College Union and the General Board’s site.

For more on SBC college ministry, check out BCMLife.


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