update: Church Plan Project

If you’re a regular blog reader, you know I announced my newest Development Project about a month ago. This Project is a chance to work toward a solution to one of the biggest problems in Collegiate Ministry: how churches develop their collegiate work. I figure an update is in order.

Building a truly impactful and sustainable College Student Plan is an elusive goal for many American churches. We hire and hire, spend and spend, hope and hope, try and fail, try and fail. It’s apparently quite common for churches to spend several years trying to build something but – in the end – to gain very little ground.


This difficulty affects all of college ministry, too – not just churches – because nobody wins when a major segment of college ministry struggles to find its footing.

As I wrote in Reaching the Campus Tribes, “We need a different ‘usual.'”

The Project itself is outlined at www.collegestudentplan.com. (While the specific proposal is focused on the Dallas area, I’ve always said I’m very open to working on this elsewhere, too.) I have received some solid response from several Dallas-area churches, as well as a few churches in other places. It’s been cool to hear even from churches that do have college ministries but are considering using this strategic approach to get even stronger!

But I’m still waiting to see how many of those (or other) churches decide to join up. It looks like this week might reveal a lot about whether this Project will be able to take place this coming semester.

I’m excited about the possibility for a handful of churches somewhere to find new hope and new plans in this amazing ministry area. And I’ve even more excited that one strategic semester could lead to thousands of actual college students receiving better impact in the years and decades to come.

Simply because a few churches tried something new.

I’m attempting this Project now for one simple reason: It’s a way to apply everything I’ve learned in the last decade to solving one of the biggest difficulties in our field. So I believe I’m supposed to give it a shot; we’ll see what God chooses to do.

I’ll keep you posted. Big week.

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