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In lieu of presenting some big new post today, I want to point you to some great college ministry discussion taking place this week at a couple other college ministry blogs.

(I know! It’s so exciting to have college ministry blogs out there!)

The discussion is being catalyzed by Steve Lutz, a Coalition for Christian Outreach staffer at Penn State whom I got to meet (and stay with) on Road Trip #11. He’s discussing five major themes the field of college ministry needs to consider, after introducing that topic last week.

But another college minister buddy, Todd Engstrom in Austin, Texas, decided to join the party! He’s chimed in on Todd’s Missiology theme at his own blog, Ethereal Thought Train.

So I encourage you to check these out – and add comments if you’ve got something helpful. One of the best ways to encourage college ministry to happen better is to spend our time collaborating like this!

Here’s where to start:

First check out the post (and comments) at “The 5 Big Issues in Campus Ministry Today.”

Then Steve picked up on that topic Monday by walking through those five issues. Here are those posts so far, with Todd’s posts listed alongside:


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